Game ID: CultistCommunication This event happens 72 hours (2 days 22 hours 42 min) after Al icon building satelliteSatellite has been built, but only before Al icon eventContact with Laputa (53-05-17 14:30).

To get this event, the Satellite must finish building before 53-05-14 16:30.

This event creates the Al faction servantsServants faction in the diplomacy screen. Without this event, the Servants will never appear. But other then losing the chance to get Al icon eventEarth Technology early, there is no harm done.

Plot Edit

It states that communication has been established with a religious group on Earth, who offered to exchange data, but the director is skeptical.

Previous event: Al icon eventLost Contact with Earth
Next event: Al icon eventContact with Laputa

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc mary osakwe There are still some people on the Earth! We could not contact Laputa, but we detected signals from the Earth's surface and set up a communication channel with the inhabitants.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Who are they? Could they be of any help to us?
Al icon pc mary osakwe They appear to be some religious group. They did not communicate whether they can get a spaceship for the journey, but they offered to share their computer records in exchange for our databases.
Al icon pc neil barker We need to upgrade our satellite so it can receive binary data, but that should be an easy thing to do.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez I am sceptical about their trustworthiness, to be honest. I would be very careful because of their fanatical proclamations.

Diplomacy Edit

This event enables diplomacy with the Servants.

When requesting to share technology, without Data Accessory.

Al icon npc servant As soon as you can send and receive computer data, we will dispatch our database.

When requesting to share technology, with Data Accessory (triggers Al icon eventEarth Technology).

Al icon npc servant We are sending all the data you might be able to use. There is a great deal of information, so it will take some time.

When requesting supplies or reinforcements.

Al icon npc servant We can’t send you anything at the moment, but we will as soon as possible.

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