Technology Combat Methods against Martians Game ID: 302, T_AntiMartioanWeapons
Man-days 33 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Icon tech autopsyMatriarch Autopsy
Icon tech earthAdvanced Metallurgy
Al icon building shooting rangeShooting Range
Description Firearms are not very effective against the Martians' combat tactics. We should try other ways of fighting them.
Result The Martians are similar to trees, and trees can be taken out with a saw. We have developed special circular blades for our buzz-saws, which tear Martian tissue and cause them extensive damage. To be able to attack Martians from a distance, the blueprints of the blades are available for manufacture.
Enables Al icon weapon buzzsaw crossbow Buzzsaw Crossbow Icon manday 1Al resource energy 4Al resource metal 4
Al icon ammo buzzsaw tearing discBuzzsaw Tearing Disc Icon manday 1Al symbol building advanced foundryAl resource metal 1Al resource noble metal 1

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