Technology Cloaking Game ID: 305, T_Cloaking
Man-days 132 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Requirements Icon tech earthAdvanced Optics
Icon tech martianEM Principles
Description Our knowledge of electromagnetic manipulation should allow us to simulate the Martians' impressive talent - for perfect camouflage.
Result This research has enabled us to divert light waves away from an object, so making it almost invisible to anyone relying on normal vision. It can be used either individually as add-on to a spacesuit, or like the single shot device, effectively cloaking anyone in its range. However, be careful, the cloaking only works if the cloaked person does not move.
Al icon addon cloakerCloaker Icon manday 12Al symbol building precision engineeringAl resource crystal 4
Al icon device group cloaker Group Cloaker Icon manday 9Al symbol building precision engineeringAl resource crystal 4
Al icon training major stalkingMajor Stalking (2)

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