Technology Beastman Soldier Interrogation Game ID: 276, T_BeastmenSoldierInterrogation
Man-days 24 Category Icon tech interrogation Interrogation
Requirements Beastman Soldier Captive
Icon tech autopsyBeastman Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogationAlien Interrogation
Description By interrogating one of the Beastman soldiers we could learn how to handle their weapons.
Result From now on, our soldier can use Beastman firearms and grenades. They might have problems with their handling, but the weapons generally cause more damage than ours.
Al icon weapon beastman pistol Beastman Pistol
Al icon weapon beastman rifle Beastman Rifle
Al icon weapon beastman big rifle Beastman Big Rifle
Al icon weapon beastman cannon Beastman Cannon
Al icon weapon beastman grenade launcher Beastman Grenade Launcher
Al icon weapon beastman grenade Beastman Grenade
Al icon weapon beastman antiarmor grenade Beastman Antiarmor Grenade
Al icon training minor beastmen technologyMinor Beastmen Technology (2)

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