Al icon suit armored suit Armored Suit, Human Light Suit Game ID: 3, HumanLightBattleArmour
Suit Addon 1 Weight 15 kg
Bag 1 4x6 Bag 2 4x2
Technology Icon tech earthLight Battle Armor Factory - Resource Level 1Al resource metalMetal1
Level 1Al resource chemicalChemical1
Production 5 Assembly 2.25

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 4
Al slot armored suit

Projectile 30%
Fire 20%
Melee 30%
EM 65%
Psionic 0%
Explosion 30%
Laser 30%

Armored Suit is a simple and easy improvement over Basic Suit, offering slightly improved protection and double carrying space. However, its protection is still very basic, and would quickly become insufficient against beastmen.

Game Description Edit

This armor does not weigh much, but still it prevents more damage than the basic armor. Its environmental protection is better as well.

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