Aqueduct Ending

Aqueduct Ending

Al icon building aqueduct ending Aqueduct Ending Game ID: 419, Aqua
Building Type Exterior Capacity - Can demolish? No
Size 1 block Man-hours Cannot be built Can have multiple? No
Produces 5 units of Water (Level 3 Limited)
Upgrades From - To Al icon building giant water tankGiant Water Tank

This building is at the north end of the base, connected to the Aqueduct.

When water supply is Al icon eventinterrupted, the water reserve can last 3 days.

Initial Edit

The game starts with 1 Aqueduct Ending.

Game Description Edit

This is where the aqueduct bringing water from the North Pole reserves back to the Base terminates.  It is Mars' human colony's only source of water.

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