Technology Annihilator Game ID: 299, T_Annihilator
Man-days 90 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Icon tech martianPlasma Principles
Icon tech martianPlasma Weapons Handling
Al icon building shooting rangeShooting Range
Description Now it is time to create our own ultimate plasma weapon - an annihilator.
Result Our scientists have created the necessary blueprints for production of a human plasma cannon - the annihilator. It should be more effective than the Martian ones, as the plasma contains particles of antimatter, making it even more destructive than "ordinary" hot plasma. The annihilator uses normal batteries, but its energy consumption is remarkable.
Enables Al icon weapon annihilator Annihilator Icon manday 12Al resource energy 7Al resource metal 4Al resource crystal 3
Al icon weapon robot annihilator Robot Annihilator Icon manday 12Al symbol building drone assemblyAl resource energy 7Al resource metal 4Al resource crystal 3

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