Al icon pc agnieszka yoshimori Agnieszka Yoshimori, Female HumanGame ID: 15, Agnieszka Yoshimori
Character Name Agnieszka Yoshimori Nick Anna Class Scientist
Title Librarian When Stressed
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc hikaru yoshimoriHikaru Yoshimori, Al icon pc tadeusz yoshimoriTadeusz Yoshimori
Starting Level Scientist 4 Training -
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Facility Yoshimori powerplant
Technology Yoshimori Principle Weapon Yoshimori rifle
Yoshimori grenade
Ammo Yoshimori battery

History Edit

Agnieszka comes from a religious family and she upholds a strong sense of tradition and moral values. She regarded it as her duty to marry Hikaru Yoshimori, although they have almost nothing in common except the care of their son, Tadeusz. Her talents make her ideally suited for the job of colony librarian.

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