Technology Advanced Metallurgy Game ID: 317, T_AdvancedMetalurgy
Man-days 30 Category Icon tech earth Earth
Requirements Icon tech earthEarth Technologies
Icon tech planetologyNoble Metal Mining
Description To further our development we require a more in depth study of metal smelting and processing.
Result Until now, we have managed with metals like iron or copper. We will need other metals such as titan or gold to create more subtle alloys with specific qualities that can be used for production of weapons or armor that will be more effective in the future. We will need to build a foundry to process these kinds of metals.
Al icon weapon katana Katana Icon manday 3Al symbol building advanced foundryAl resource energy 3Al resource metal 4Al resource noble metal 2 Icon tech planetologyHeavy Armored Suit (30)
Icon tech martianCombat Methods against Martians (33)
Icon tech earthArmored Robot Turret (40)
Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Medium Armor (93)
Icon tech earthGatling Technology (95)

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