Technology Advanced Medium Armor Game ID: 247, T_NinjaSuit
Man-days 93 Category Icon tech planetology Planetology
Icon tech interrogationBeastman Commander Interrogate
Icon tech beastmenMedium Armor
Icon tech earthAdvanced Metallurgy
Al icon building mars simulationMars Simulation
Description If we combine the knowledge of the Beastmen’s super-plastics and enhanced armor construction, we could develop an extremely useful battle suit.
Result Advanced medium armor offers the same flexibility as the basic medium battle suit, but it prevents more damage and contains one additional slot for special armor accessories. This is the best armor we have, which does not require any special training to wear.
Enables Al icon suit advanced battle suit Advanced Battle Suit Icon manday 13Al symbol building advanced foundryAl symbol building chemical plantAl symbol building microelectronicsAl resource metal 1Al resource chemical 5Al resource noble metal 3

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