Technology Advanced Medicine Game ID: 205, T_AdvancedMedicine
Man-days 90 Category Icon tech medicine Medicine
Requirements Icon tech medicineMedicine
Icon tech interrogationBeastmen Alchemist Interrogation
Description Recent discoveries suggest that we can greatly improve our medical skills.
Result These new medical techniques speed up regeneration of wounded soldiers at our home base. As well as this, we are now able to produce even more effective substances for treating troops on the battlefield. We can cure more temporary damage and remove some of the negative effects caused by the enemy.
Al icon building surgerySurgery Icon manday 3Al resource energy 3Al resource chemical 4Al resource noble metal 1
Al icon ammo advanced first aid setAdvanced First Aid Set Icon manday 1Al symbol building chemical plantAl resource chemical 4
Al icon training major medicineMajor Medicine (2) Icon tech medicineAdvanced Stimulants (125)

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