Technology Advanced Firearms Game ID: 227, T_AdvancedFirearms
Man-days 48 Category Icon tech earth Earth
Icon tech earthFirearms
Icon tech earthEarth Technologies
Al icon building shooting rangeShooting Range
Description Deeper study of firearm’s principles could help us to develop more effective weapons of this kind.
Result Besides developing special kinds of ammo for the firearms already in use, the results of this research are two specific weapons - a sniper rifle and a shotgun. The former will be very useful over long range and the latter for close combat.
Al icon weapon sniper rifle Sniper Rifle Icon manday 4
Al icon weapon shotgun Shotgun Icon manday 3
Al icon ammo lr projectile magazineLR Projectile Magazine Icon manday 1
Al icon ammo heavy projectile magazineHeavy Projectile Magazine Icon manday 1
Al icon ammo shotgun shellShotgun Shell Icon manday 1
Al icon training minor sniperMinor Sniper (3)
Al icon training major sniperMajor Sniper (4)
Al icon training major weapon smithMajor Weapon Smith (3)
Icon tech earthSilent Fire (24)
Icon tech earthCooling (33)
Icon tech earthNon-Lethal Combat (44)
Icon tech earthFirearm Stabilization (45)
Icon tech earthGatling Technology (95)

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