Technology Acid Weapons Game ID: 285, T_AcidWeapons
Man-days 24 Category Icon tech beastmen Beastmen
Al icon weapon beastman acid grenade Beastman Acid Grenade
Al icon ammo beastman acid ammoBeastman Acid Ammo
Al icon building pyrotechnics rangePyrotechnics Range
Icon tech earthCombat Combustibles
Icon tech interrogationBeastman Alchemist Interrogation
Description Acid weapons are deadly against most targets, as this substance adheres to the skin and hurts the victim for several seconds.
Result The best way of including acid weapons as part of our arsenal is through the production of acid filled grenades instead of using classic explosives. The acid splashes out after impact and covers anything in reach with a thin corrosive layer, causing injury lasting several seconds or until it is washed off.
Enables Al icon weapon acid grenade Acid Grenade

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